Micro đa hướng SONY PCS-A1
Micro đa hướng SONY PCS-A1
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With an omnidirectional (360 degree) pick-up pattern, this high quality mono microphone captures crisp, clear speech from every conference participant in a boardroom or meeting space.

The slim, low-profile microphone sits discreetly on a conference table. For best results, it’s recommended to locate meeting participants approximately 0.5-1.5m from the microphone. Acceptable audio quality is also obtained with speakers at a distance of up to 3m.



  • Omnidirectional pick-up pattern

    The microphone’s omnidirectional (360 degree) pick-up pattern evenly captures sound from all directions. It’s ideal for ensuring crisp audio in meetings where several people may be seated around a boardroom table.

  • Wide frequency response

    14kHz frequency response ensures excellent speech clarity that’s clearly heard by other conference participants.

  • Wide compatibility with Sony video conference systems

    The wired microphone plugs directly into the audio input of a wide range of Sony video conference systems. The PCS-A1 is compatible with most Sony Video Conferencing systems, including the PCS-XG100, PCS-XG77, PCS-XG80, PCS-XG55, PCS-XL55, PCS-XA55, PCS-XA80 and PCS-G60DP.

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